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Stellar S14-S 436x63 met 2 dekluiken, AdvantageStellar S14-S 436x63 met 2 dekluiken, AdvantageStellar€ 1995,00Stellar S16-S 488x58 met 2 dekluiken, AdvantageStellar S16-S 488x58 met 2 dekluiken, AdvantageStellar€ 2095,00Stellar S18-S 550x53 met 2 dekluiken, AdvantageStellar S18-S 550x53 met 2 dekluiken, AdvantageStellar€ 2195,00Ocean 510x55 met dekluik, PolyethyleenOcean 510x55 met dekluik, PolyethyleenNelo P.E.€ 1295,00Ocean 520x52 WWROcean 520x52 WWRNelo€ 2495,00Ocean 520x52 SCSOcean 520x52 SCSNelo€ 3895,00V5 Tourer 426x60 met dekluik, PolyethyleenV5 Tourer 426x60 met dekluik, PolyethyleenEpic P.E.€ 1295,00V7 Tourer 520x54 met dekluik, PolyethyleenV7 Tourer 520x54 met dekluik, PolyethyleenEpic P.E.€ 1395,00V6 Tourer 488x58.4 met dekluik, PerformanceV6 Tourer 488x58.4 met dekluik, PerformanceEpic€ 2795,00V8 548x54 ClubV8 548x54 ClubEpic€ 2395,00V8 548x54 PerformanceV8 548x54 PerformanceEpic€ 2795,00V8 548x54 UltraV8 548x54 UltraEpic€ 3795,00Nitro 539x53 met dekluik, PolyethyleenNitro 539x53 met dekluik, PolyethyleenThink P.E. Stuntprijs !! Op=Op !!€ 995,00Jet 520x48Jet 520x48Think€ 2395,00Eze 518x51 PerformanceEze 518x51 PerformanceThink€ 2695,00Eze 518x51 EliteEze 518x51 EliteThink€ 3495,00Ace 538x56 UltimateAce 538x56 UltimateThink€ 3795,00Ocean SS2 600x60 Tandem, A1Ocean SS2 600x60 Tandem, A1Nelo€ 2995,00Ocean SS2 600x60 Tandem, WWROcean SS2 600x60 Tandem, WWRNelo€ 3650,00Ocean SS2 600x60 Tandem, SCSOcean SS2 600x60 Tandem, SCSNelo€ 4850,00
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Eze 518x51 Elite


€ 3495,00

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The Think Eze is the ideal boat for a lot of people. Itís fast, fun, and sporty, with the soul of a racer, yet itís 518 x 51 dimensions make it maneuverable, stable, and forgiving. The Ezeís hull shape creates a strong platform for new paddlers to develop their technique with confidence. The ergonomics are excellent, and seat comfort outstanding. Experienced paddlers will love the quickness and maneuverability of the Eze, and be blown away by how easy and fun it is to surf. A boat that puts a smile on every face!

Link fabrikant: www.thinkkayaks.com