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V11 579x43 Ultra


€ 3795,00

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Ook Epic gaat mee in het aanbod van de kortere maar toch snelle ski's.
De V11 is snel, wendbaar en super licht met 10,5 kg.

In a class and category of its own, the V11 is an exciting new addition to Epicís line of innovative surfskis. The V11 is for the progressive paddler who is looking for a boat that is agile and extremely responsive, making short work of the most difficult conditions.

At 19í (5.79m), the V11 has been designed to carefully balance length and stability with boat volume, optimizing its proven surf characteristics while not losing its racing edge. The V11 cockpit and seat design continues the Epic tradition of optimizing comfort and leg drive.

With Epicís signature comfort, style and extreme performance, this boat is a new breed of thoroughbred!

Link fabrikant: www.epickayaks.com